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Welcome to ElastiTone!

If you are looking for strong, professional grade, heavy-duty resistance bands offering high tension, then you are in the right place! ElastiTone's resistance band kits, made from multi-layered liquid latex and now with Anti-Snap protective sleeving, are the very best you will find!

Whether you are a Man, Women, Bodybuilder, Athlete, Sportsman, Pilate's enthusiast or simply new to fitness, there is a product that will suit you.

All products come with the industry's leading lifetime defects warranty, and an anti-snap warranty which covers you in the unlikely event that a band should break! You don't even have to return any broken parts, just email a photo instead.

You also get a "100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back 100 day promise", which is the longest returns period for resistance bands offered by anybody, and unlike some of the competition, there is no restock charge!

ElastiTone Resistance Tubes are perfect for the very popular P90X program, as they are safer, made from higher quality materials, and offer higher resistance levels than the original P90X bands, which are not enough for many of the stronger P90X followers, who may need a bit more tension to see results in muscle growth.


Read more about the many benefits of ElastiTone below...


Highest Quality Latex

All ElastiTone bands are made from high grade 100% natural Malaysian liquid latex, not just cheap, synthetic, or dry stock latex like many others. This gives them a greater tear resistance, smoother feel and superior physical properties. This is the top grade of latex available, often used for medical applications and in engineering etc, due to its higher strength.

Beneath the sleeve


Superior Multi-Layered Tubing

ElastiTone bands are made using a layering technique called "Continuous Dipping", which creates many bonded layers within each band!

The thicker a band is the more layers it will have. These layers can be seen in the form of concentric circles, just like the rings in a target, as can be seen in the close up image below...



As you can see, even the thin Green band has many layers! Unfortunately the process of creating these layers is more expensive and time consuming than standard techniques, which is why many brands do not use this method and instead produce bands which are just molded one piece tubes. The process for making the molded bands is known as "extruded" technology, which is now outdated and inferior for many applications.

Because extruded bands are essentially just one single piece of latex they are quite weak, and if a band develops a slight nick or tear in the surface it could soon begin to spread through the band, causing it to break during use, which could cause you an injury.

Because ElastiTone bands have multiple layers they are harder to tear or snap, and slight surface abrasions, scuffs and nicks do not affect the band as they would an extruded one, as the tear should stop when it reaches the next layer. However the protective sleeving should also help protect against surface damage, which brings us to the next reason to buy from ElastiTone....


The safest & most durable exercise bands around!

Anti Snap Resistance Band

As well as being multi-layered, all ElastiTone bands are now fitted with a durable protective sleeve, which has 3 important functions...

Anti-Snap: The sleeve will only allow the user to stretch the bands up to a maximum distance of just below 5 meters, beyond this the sleeve will physically prevent the user from stretching it any further and breaking the band. This stops the user from snapping or tearing bands by accidentally over stretching them, a common problem with resistance bands.

The sleeves work in a similar fashion to the only other existing Anti-Snap technology, which is a piece of cord inside the band, but with the two added benefits below..

Anti-Wear: The sleeves also help protect the bands inside against wear from scuffs, scrapes and scratches etc, meaning they will last much longer than other brands. Also the band will not become stained by the rubber on the users trainers or be affected by the friction, which was found to be a rather annoying problem with most trainers.

The sleeve also protects the bands from UV damage, as it is proven that sunlight degrades and discolours latex over time. If you use your bands outdoors a lot in the summer, sleeves are a must!

Anti-Injury: If a user does somehow manage to snap a band, e.g. the band was defective, it will snap inside the sleeve and the user will not be hit by the band as it fly's towards them at great speed (OUCH!), making ElastiTone bands not only the strongest around, but also one of the safest!

The sleeve material has excellent resistance to Mildew, Acids, Alkalis, Oils and Greece, good resistance against UV rays, and will not absorb water, so is perfect for outdoor use and you don't have to worry about rain or sweat ruining the sleeve. It is also very strong and should easily take the full force of a person pulling against it.

Why a sleeve is a must...

Snapping resistance bands are a serious safety issue that the sleeve helps prevent. Serious injury's can and have occurred from breaking bands. The force of a resistance band hitting you can cause anything from a nasty bruise to permanent disfigurement or even blindness. The seller cannot be blamed for this, because everything on earth has a breaking point and no elastic tubing is 100% snap proof, it is just common sense that when using a band it could break, so make sure you buy sleeved bands!

All bands also have an anti-snap warranty which lasts a total of 5 years, after which any breaks will be classed as wear and tear. In the rare event that you suffer a breakage, the band will be replaced free of charge and postage will be paid for you.


A Set To Suit Everyone!

There are 2 exercise/resistance band sets currently available, more details below...

The first option is the "PRO 5", which contains 5 bands, rated from "Extra Light" to "Heavy", which is ideal for females and beginners.

The 5 bands within this set can be used on their own or in combination with other bands to create as much resistance as you need. It does NOT however contain the "Extra Heavy" band which is advised for people of mid-high strength or the Black Mamba band.

The second option is the "PRO Ultra" set, which is made up of 6 bands and is aimed at mid - high strength individuals. This sets contains the "Extra Heavy" Band as well as the 5 standard bands. It is ideal for bodybuilders, strength athletes and people looking to add a lot of muscle. This is the set recommended for professional athletes and those who are serious about bodybuilding.

There is also the option of upgrading by adding the "Black Mamba" band to your order, which is the thickest resistance band available in the world today, and will challenge even the strongest of people, instantly crushing any and all rumors that bands can not offer enough resistance. Even people with 20 inch biceps should find this band challenges them.


Higher & HONEST Resistance Ratings!

The amount of sellers on the internet using misleading tension ratings is crazy, and this gives resistance bands/tubes a bad name! Forums end up full of people who believe that because they bought some bands that offered little resistance, that they must all be bad. It is time this borderline illegal activity ended!

The thicker a band is, the more resistance (tensile force) a band is capable of producing, however there is no easy or exact way for a user to rate a bands resistance before buying without using measuring equipment, so they fall for the usual tricks.

This is because most people very wrongly presume that all bands are rated in the same way, this could not be further from the truth! What one seller states as being a 50 Lb band could be far thicker or thinner than another sellers 50 Lb band, depending on how it was rated and how honest the retailer is.

The tension of a band, just like with anything that stretches, varies. The more you stretch it the more resistance it will give you. This fact leaves the door wide open for sellers to legally rate bands any way they choose, and many other brands when giving ratings for their bands tend to use the tension rating of the band stretched almost to the maximum, just before it breaks, which is incredibly misleading to customers as it makes thin low tension bands sound far better than they really are, since during most exercises your band will never reach maximum length! This gives the potential buyer a very false impression.

Visual Comparisons

For a visual comparison, below is a side by side comparison of our standard black band which has an average rating of 49.5 Lb, shown on the left, and a competitor band, rated as being 50 Lb, on the right.



As you can clearly see, the walls of the ElastiTone black band are wider than the competitors, even though the competitors gave theirs a higher tension rating...

The ElastiTone band reached a resistance of almost 50 Lb when stretched just halfway, but the competitor band could only manage a reading of 50 Lb when stretched up to the point were it would likely have broken if stretched much further!

For another comparison, below is a side by side of the ElastiTone "Black Mamba" resistance tube, on the left, and a competitors "Black Sniper" tube, on the right. The "Sniper" is advertised as being "Extreme tension".

Heavy Resistance Band

As you can see from the image, the ElastiTone "Black Mamba" band is the true king of extreme tension, nothing else compares!

It is however not so extreme that it cannot be used. It is designed for strong individuals and is ideal for bicep curls and forward/backward rows. If you have tried other bands and found that they don't give you enough tension, or you just want a challenge, then the "Black Mamba" is certainly for you!


2 Resistance / Tension Ratings

ElastiTone are the first ever band retailer in the world to show 2 easily understandable resistance ratings, and then explain clearly how they were taken...

The Average rating is the rating that is easily achievable for all exercises, and is taken with the bands stretched to around 2x their resting length, so a bicep curl would be a good example of an exercise that will produce around the average rating. By using a wider foot spacing on the band, or standing further from the anchor point, you can easily achieve a higher resistance than the average.

The overhead press rating is the rating taken at the very top of an overhead press, by a person of average height (about 5ft 7") with feet close together. During the overhead press is about as far as you will ever stretch an exercise band, so any tension that may be created beyond that point is irrelevant and would be both unfair and pointless to record.

Using these 2 ratings gives you a better and more realistic idea of how much resistance/tensile force each band will offer you, and is not misleading because the tension levels are very easily achievable for most users.


Resistance Ratings & Specifications

All bands have a label at both ends showing the resistance level. Below is a chart showing the labels and the related ratings...


Average Total Rating
Overhead Press Total Rating
4.5 Kg / 10 Lb
6 Kg / 13.2 Lb
6.5 Kg / 14 Lb
12 Kg / 26.4 Lb
12 Kg / 26 Lb
17.5 Kg / 38.6 Lb
17 Kg / 38 Lb
22 Kg / 48.4 Lb
21 Kg / 46 Lb
30 Kg / 66 Lb

27 Kg / 60 Lb
48 Kg / 105.6 Lb
88 Kg / 194 Lb
135.5 Kg / 298.72 Lb

For more detailed specs, click HERE.


"Black Mamba" - The Worlds Thickest Resistance Band!

Heavy resistance band

The "Black Mamba" is the Thickest and heaviest resistance band in the world!

With an average resistance rating of 35 Kg (17.5 Kg per side) and an Overhead Press rating of 56 Kg (28 Kg per side) this band has no rival! It is designed for performing bicep curls, squats, rows and pull downs, and is aimed at strong individuals who find that other bands don't offer them enough of a challenge in these particular exercises.

How the ratings work: A 60 Lb band will produce at least 30 Lb on each side when using a handle on both ends. If standing on the band, the wider apart your feet are, the higher the tension will be, every millimeter makes a difference.

You can also attach both ends of a band to the same handle and use it like a single dumbbell, which will give you the total rating on one side of your body, e.g. 60 Lb on one arm!

NOTE: As with ALL exercise bands, the rating are approximate. When performing any routine that involves standing on a band, things such as your height, feet spacing and posture will effect the ratings. E.g. a taller person will achieve a higher rating, a shorter person will achieve a lower rating. People 4ft tall and under would obviously not be able to create much resistance unless they left a lot of resting length between their feet.


Used & Approved By Professional Sportsmen!

Check out some of the comments received via Twitter from Pro Rugby League players below!

Paul Johnson, Former Great Britain, Wigan, Bradford & Warrington Pro Rugby League player.

Vince Mellars, Pro Rugby League player for the Wakefield Wildcats.

Jordan James, Pro Rugby League player for the Salford Reds, DJ & former Royal Marine.

Mark Bryant, Pro Rugby League player for the London Broncos.


The above comments were in reference to the "PRO Ultra" set, before the sleeves were added, and are proof that bands are not JUST for Women or rehabilitation!

All comments were 100% voluntary, these people were not targeted, they came to ElastiTone as customers, and nobody was paid a single penny to write comments.

ElastiTone will never ever pay people for a review like some sellers do, as this just gives a false impression.


ElastiTone Versus Other Big Brands

Below is an easy to read chart comparing the product quality and warranty/guarantee against the top 4 other brands. All data is based on the info shown on the competitors web sites, and research is accurate as of 17/8/12 to the best of my knowledge, and is a fair and legal comparison that does not violate any copyright or trademark laws.






Lifeline USA

( P90X)













(Protects bands from scratches, nicks, abrasion, scuffs etc)






(Stops the band from hitting the user at great speed IF it snaps)






(User can use more than 1 band at a time to create more resistance and combinations, essential for strong people in our opinion)


(Zinc plated Iron Carabineers on the components, rings on the bands)


(Rings on the components, Aluminium carabineers on the bands)



(3 grooves in the plastic handles to hold the bands)


(Covers the user against manufacturer caused defects/issues)


No need to return defective parts, a photo via email will suffice. All postage costs will be covered. Warranty is forever!


No need to return defective parts but customers must pay more postage costs after 90 days for replacements to be sent to them.


Customer must return defective products at their own expense AND pay a shipping fee for replacements.


Customer must return defective products at their own expense.


No info shown on site.


(excluding return shipping price)


100 days!


There is a small restocking fee if you are not satisfied.


90 days


90 days


30 days



Must Have Essential Quick Switch System!

ALL ElastiTone band sets now come complete with 70mm heavy-duty zinc coated iron carabineer clips on the straps and handles, and durable rings on the bands. This enables users to create different resistance combinations, just like you can with free weights or at a gym.

Clip System


The Advantages of the Quick Switch System

Some other brands do not offer a clip system, instead they have handles attached to the bands which you cannot remove. Bands designed in this way have no resistance combinations at all, since you can only use one at a time, and are very limited in functionality because once your body becomes used to the resistance each band alone offers, which it will eventually do as you grow stronger such is the nature of the human body, you are forced to use the next band up. This may either be to much of a step up, or may not be enough, meaning you are then stuck with a useless set of bands since you can not use more than one band at a time!

Bands with attached handles are also pretty useless when it comes to some lower body exercises, and you may have to buy another separate set of bands for the legs.

Yet another problem with bands that come with attached handles, is that you only ever get half of the stated resistance rating! For example the rival 62 Lb "Black Sniper" band we showed you earlier will only give you 31 Lb per side, because you are forced to use both hands like with a barbell. With a clip system however you can simply attach both ends of the band to just one handle, which allows you to use the band exactly like you would a dumbbell, giving you the full resistance on one side!

The excuse for not having a clip system, according to some of those that do not have one, is that it takes to long to change a band??? It should take most people 5 seconds maximum to do this, so this is utter nonsense. And if you want more handles, you can buy them from this site for just a few pounds a pair.

There are 63 different possible resistance combinations (not including the Mamba), which you can download HERE


Extra Large Durable Accessories

All of the ElastiTone accessories are not only practical but durable, and also very comfortable.


2 Durable Extra Large Comfort Grip Handles

ElastiTone handles are made with extra strong plastic due to the amount of resistance they have to take (we tried standard handles but they just bent under strain), are 13.5cm wide instead of the usual 11-12cm, which prevents the straps from rubbing against your skin during most exercises, which becomes very annoying and uncomfortable. They also have a wider diameter allowing for a much firmer and more natural grip and have a foam layer on the graspable section for comfort. You can remove this if you prefer to have no foam, but please note that it can not be put back on once removed.

Resistance band wide handle

A direct side by side comparison between an ElastiTone handle and 2 competitor handles is shown below.


1 Extra Large Door Anchor

The door anchor has a super thick layer of foam on it 6 x thicker than most common door anchors, and a layer of neoprene in the loop part were the bands thread through, which stops the bands from rubbing against the anchor causing friction and heat, which could damage the bands. A sleeve was recently added to the bands which means there is now no real need for this foam, but it will remain anyway incase you would like to use it with other non-sleeved products, as it is compatible with all other brands and even suspension trainers etc.

Take a look at the side by side comparison below, there is a huge difference in quality & size compared to the average door anchor.

Dor Anchor


2 Padded Leg/Arm straps

The leg/arm straps (commonly referred to as ankle straps) are not thin and flimsy like many others, they are now made entirely from padded neoprene instead of nylon or PP, for extra comfort and to avoid friction and discomfort on the skin.



They can also be slipped around a barbell so that you can attach the bands to your free weights for more resistance. The enlarged ring allows you to wrap the strap around objects such as a wide pole or banister, and then, if you wish, you can loop the door anchor through the ring for a better anchor point as shown below...


Simply push the looped end of the door anchor through the ring and then through the hole that is located just before the foam of the anchor.

The carabiner hooks are detachable and can be used to clip the bands to other objects if you wish. You can even clip them to yourself and use them for resistance running.


Free Travel bag

All sets come with a free handy travel bag for keeping your bands in when on the move, and it will easily fit inside a regular gym bag. The bag can hold up to 6 bands.It is 44cm in length and width.

Resistance band Bag



I thought bands were just for girls and rehabilitation?

Some seriously misinformed people with more ego than brain cells say that bands are for girls and sissy's, well let me tell you, they are wrong! Resistance is not futile! As an example, most people who attempt to perform just 15 reps of a standing 1 armed bicep curl with the orange band on 1 handle (like a dumbbell) would find it very hard indeed, INFACT MOST WILL FIND IT IS SIMPLY NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL! This brings us to...

We recently held a Competition named the "Orange Challenge" were users had a chance to win a 100% refund on their purchase if they could do more than 15 curls with the "Extra Heavy" Orange band. Once the first person beat the 15 curls, the second person had to beat the first persons max curls, and so on.

Out of hundreds of purchasers only 5 people so far have beaten the challenge, and the max amount of curls achieved was just 27 curls. All of the entrants were muscular guys as can be seen from the videos. There is now no way that anybody can claim resistance bands don't offer enough resistance or that they are just for girls or rehab, and if anyone ever says that to you, direct them to this site!

This competition is now closed.

The entrants videos can be seen HERE


How can you offer such low prices for such high quality products?

This is a very good question, since other sleeved bands such as the adidas power bands cost around £16.99 - £20 each and are not even close in terms of tension options or specifications. So how on earth does ElastiTone manage to sell an entire 6 band set with thicker bands and higher quality components, for under £50 then?

Firstly, large amounts of time and money were not wasted paying for fitness models, photo shoots and a studio to make DVD's, instructions and demonstrations..

There are already well over 1000 resistance band videos and exercises on You Tube and the internet, creating more really was not needed at all and would create more costs. In general most people will either already know how to use the bands OR would have looked online to see how the equipment is used before purchasing it. They have been around for so long that using a band is now almost as common knowledge as how to use a dumbbell, with almost as much info available online if you don't.

You can see a collection of some of the very best instructional videos and workouts from the internet in our Exercise & Workout links at the top of this page, which should keep you going for a while. You will even find links to competitors videos on this site, and the reason for this is simple...

Just as with free weights, once you have seen one bicep curl video you have pretty much seen them all, and you are not seriously going to prefer one brand of dumbbells over another, just because their video was better, are you??? Are you even focusing on the brand of weight being used when you watch workout videos online, or are you more interested in the technique? Exactly! Regardless of what brand of band is being used in online videos, the principle is exactly the same.

Secondly, ElastiTone does not use 3rd party retailers, wholesalers or stores, so cutting out the middle man means savings can be passed directly to the customer, you! The only reason brands like adidas and Nike etc cost so much is that they sell mostly through 3rd party retailers such as sports and fitness stores, and those stores also need to make a decent profit, so a chunk of the money you pay goes to them and is not going towards the quality of the product at all. ElastiTone sells direct only!

Thirdly, the profit margins are smaller. Lower prices means more total sales, and that means more happy customers to spread the word!

Are bands as good as free weights?

Free weights and resistance bands are not necessarily in competition with each other and never will be, they are simply different tools for the same job. They both stress and grow your muscles, but both use a different method. Muscles grow during the repair process when they recover from being stressed, regardless of whether that stress comes from a weight, a band, or even your own body weight. Bands do however have many advantages over free weights...


Weight Training Versus Resistance Training

Resistance band training involves the application of elastic or hydraulic resistance to cause muscle contraction, rather than gravity.

Weight training provides the majority of the resistance at the beginning, in the initiation joint angle of the movement, when the muscle must overcome the inertia of the weight’s mass. After this point the overall resistance alters depending on the angle of the joints being used. Or, in layman’s terms….

Dumbbells are simply not capable of giving the same kind of workout as a band can because dumbbells are at their heaviest from the bottom (the beginning) of the curl, up to the half way mark when your forearm is at 90 degrees to you elbow, after they pass this mark the weight is greatly reduced the more you curl, due to the way the arm handles the weight and gravity, and the fact that weights only work on a vertical plain. For example at the top of a curl the weight is literally falling in to your shoulder due to gravity, which is of no benefit to your muscles.

The above is why people can do a lot more curls from the middle to the top than from the start to the middle, or walk around for ages holding heavy weights at chest height, because the joint of the arm and the direction of gravity have helped relieve most of the weight.

Elastic resistance (or tensile force) however, provides a more progressive amount of resistance throughout the entire range of motion. Elastic resistance rises, and provides the greatest resistance at the end of the motion, when the band is stretched to the greatest extent. This allows the user to put more pressure on their muscles!

As an example most people would struggle to lift a 28 Kg dumbbell as they would not be able to lift it from the start of the curl onwards due to their wrists and forearms not being able to handle the weight.

With a band resistance gradually progresses, enabling the user to perform the full curl, and exert 28Kg of tension upon the muscle at the top of the curl.

Also the resistance from elastic works on a horizontal and diagonal plain as well as a vertical plain and everything in-between, something free weights cannot do.

Free weights can only provide resistance when being moved up or down, that is all, because they rely 100% on gravity alone, which only affects the weight vertically.

Because of this, resistance bands challenge your muscles in a way that free weights simply could never achieve and have many more exercise possibilities than free weights. For example you cannot row with free weights properly unless doing so up and down, the only alternative is an expensive cable or rowing machine, but with bands, you can also row forwards, backwards, diagonal, any direction you can think of, thus challenging your muscles in a way they have likely never been challenged before.

Of course there may be some exercises, such as the bench press, were the user wants the constant weight that free weights offer, and not an increasing tension like bands offer. So….

Why not combine weights and bands for the ultimate workout?!

Many people like to attach bands to their weights in order to get a lot more out of a workout than they could otherwise. To do this either wrap the band around your bar, or attach 1 or 2 ankle straps to the bar, and then clip the bands on to the hooks on the straps. Next, either stand on the band (for exercises like curls) or thread it through an anchor point or around an object, or even your weights bench (for bench presses) to prevent the band from lifting up. Then simply proceed to exercise as normal.

This way you get the benefit of the weight and the band at the same time, which is great for stepping up your routine and fantastic for breaking out of a plateau, since your muscles like to be challenged in ways they haven’t been before, which should encourage growth.


Safer Than Weights & Easier On Your Joints!

The major problem with free weights is that they are a weight! With bands you are not holding any weight in your hands so there is never any pressure at all on any body part until you begin the exercise, so keeping perfect form is much easier. A good example of this is squats, which can destroy your back and knees if you use incorrect form, due to the load you have to be under and the extreme pressure on your lower spine and knees, but with bands there is no weighted load whatsoever on your body, and when you perform a squat your legs get all the benefit and you don’t put your back out.

With bands the pressure on your joints, e.g. the wrists and knees, is greatly reduced, which is why when they were first introduced to the market they were mainly used for rehabilitation. Thankfully now businesses like ElastiTone now offer much thicker bands designed for building serious muscle!


Very Light & Portable, Workout Anywhere, Anytime!

Bands are very light and portable, which allows you to take them with you anywhere! On holiday, to a hotel room, on business trips, to work, camping, etc etc, because they are easily folded in to the surprisingly small bag provided and weigh very little. The full 6 band Pro Ultra set weighs just 2.7 Kilos!

Bands are basically a portable cable machine, and you can perform all the exercises you generally could with a cable machine and free weights, but without the need for the size and space free weights and machines demand!


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