5 Year Anti-Snap Warranty*


All sleeved bands are covered against snapping and breakages. If a band snaps simply email a photo of the snap (you may have to cut the sleeve to show this) and it will be replaced free of charge for a period of up to 5 years from the purchase date. ElastiTone will also cover all UK postage costs to get the replacement of a purchased band to you. Non UK customers must pay postage £5 postage costs for replacements.


In the unlikely event that you receive a replacement band and then break that band also, it is still covered under warranty but you must pay the shipping to get the replacement to you. For example if you snap a heavy band and then snap the replacement heavy band you received for free, you would pay the postage (£3.99) on the next heavy band. The majority of users should never experience a broken band anyway so the chances of breaking the same band twice are small.


After 5 years have passed any snapped band will be deemed to have snapped because of wear and tear to the band. No resistance band can be expected to last forever and 5 years seems a sensible period of time to expect it to last assuming regular normal use.


*This warranty applies to customers using the product for personal use only. Bands purchased for business and public use, for example gyms and personal trainers have a 3 month warranty. This is because a band in a gym etc could potentially be in use all-day everyday and therefore may not last as long.


The Anti-Snap Warranty is not transferable and may not be passed on to other people through eBay etc.


Non-Sleeved Bands warranty (no longer sold)

If you bought bands that are non-sleeved, the warranty is pretty much the same as above however you are only covered against breakages for 3 years. They were actually sold with no anti-snap warranty at all, but I have now added one anyway.


To prevent over stretching your bands if you don't have a sleeve, never stretch the usable length more than 4x its resting length. The usable length is the length of band that is free, it is NOT the length of band that is in the anchor or under and in-between your feet, or wrapped around an object etc.


For example if the length of band between your hand and your foot is 40cm, do not stretch it further than 160cm. You must be especially careful when performing the overhead press, and it is advised to either use 1 foot on the band or squat to avoid overstretch.


Overstretch can gradually weaken a band over time, even if the band seems like it can handle a great deal of stretch it may actually be slowly weakening every time you overstretch it, and may snap during an exercise that does not even involve overstretch. The new sleeved bands help prevent this and non-sleeved bands have now been discontinued!


Lifetime Defects Warranty*

ElastiTone will replace any part that suffers from a manufacturer caused defect, free of charge including shipping costs, forever! Nobody has ever offered this before, others will charge you shipping for replacements and/or expect you to return the faulty item at your expense, which isn't really fair!


You do NOT need to return any defective parts as there is no use for them, instead just send a clear photo or video via email showing the defective part, so that it can be seen whether or not it is in fact defective.



The lifetime defects warranty is a defects warranty against manufacturer defects, such as a carabiner or ring that develops a fault.


It does NOT cover user caused damage, for example parts which are broken due to miss-use or wear and tear. Things such as scratches, marks, worn out or scuffed material, torn sleeves and worn out or damaged foam are examples of wear and tear and such things are not classed as a defect unless they were like that upon arrival.


Serious defects such as a torn sleeve would be noticeable to you the first time you inspect the bands, or at least within the first few uses, therefore any serious defects e.g. torn sleeves, damaged bands, faulty carabineers etc must be reported within 7 days of receipt for a free replacement.


The free travel bag which comes with every set is not covered by any warranty, as it is a bonus and not an essential part of the kit. It is not designed to last forever and it is recommended to use a higher quality gym bag if you travel with them.


100 Days Return Period

If you are in some way not happy with your purchase, you can send it back within 100 days from the day of receipt, in the original condition. Once your return has been received, you will be refunded minus the cost of shipping to get the order to you. You must also pay for the return shipping yourself.


Also unlike some of the competition, ElastiTone will not charge you a restocking fee.


If the returned product is not in as new condition, money may be deducted from the refund amount to cover the damaged or marked item as it cannot be resold, at the following rates...


Damaged / marked band - Minus £6 for Extra Light and £6.50 for Light. See purchase page for other band prices.

Damaged / marked accessory - See purchase page for price.


To return an item just email ElastiTone@gmail.com for the return address and a return reference. Please include your order number or ID or the email address used when ordering so that you can be identified. Simple!


ElastiTone reserves the right to change or amend the above terms at any time, but will always keep them fair and legal and will never remove either warranty.